Today's world is undergoing rapid changes due to the US-China competition, techno-nationalism, war, mercantilist industrial policies, climate change and digital transformation.

Globalization based on 'economic efficiency' is in retreat.

Instead, 'technology’, ‘national security’ and other non-economic values are emerging as the central drivers of the global economy, resulting in the spread of government intervention, regulations and controls throughout the economy.

Further, industrial boundaries are collapsing, and science and technology policies are inevitably embedded in the industrial policy.

Industrial policy is also intertwined with international trade and foreign policy.

In such a global environment, a policy research requires collective intelligence of experts from various fields, including technology, law, policy, and diplomacy.

The Tech & Trade Institute is a private research organization established to meet such a need for multi-disciplinary policy research.

The Institute retains a network of experts in economics, diplomacy, law, science and technology, and industries; it also has regional experts specializing in China and other countries.

The primary mission of the Tech & Trade Institute is to conduct practical policy research and provide advisory services for governments and businesses, but it also engages in trade and technology education and building trade database.

Tech & Trade institute Chair & CEO Doo-Sik Kim